Have you noticed your existing stormwater infrastructure failing to detrain water after a storm? Well, it’s time to install OSD tanks to bolster this mechanism. You might already have noticed many of your neighbours installing these tanks under their premises. So, does your property really need an OSD system? We have explained what these tanks do in this article. This way, you can understand whether or not they would serve your purpose.

The onsite detention tank helps in retaining stormwater. Gradually, it gets discharged into a council stormwater system. The retention tank collects the water. With the impact of climate change gradually being felt in different parts of the country, many households are installing underground OSD tank.

When should you install an OSD system?

Your property needs an OSD system if it runs short of space to store rainwater. In case you reside somewhere experiencing heavy rain, you might think of installing one of these systems. So, whether or not you need an OSD largely depends on where you reside. The primary objective of an OSD is to save water. Eventually, it leads to urban development and keeps the environment safe. Ultimately, OSD systems help in controlling floods in local areas.

In a nutshell, you should install one of these OSD systems if you find your existing system struggling to store rainwater.

How can you benefit from OSDs?

  • With OSDs, the current drainage infrastructure would experience reduced pressure. The local council recommends installing these systems to prevent runoffs.
  • When you install OSDs, there would be no flooding in your premise even in the case of a runoff. In many localities in Bowral, you will find households constructing these systems. Particularly, localities experiencing widespread destruction of trees are susceptible to flooding. In these situations, OSDs can come to your rescue. These systems significantly leverage the line of defence against floods.
  • In Bowral, people have been installing OSDs in both commercial and private properties. This is an environment-friendly approach to tackling excess stormwater. If you reside somewhere susceptible to water runoff during rains, OSDs can work wonders. Also, you can install them close to hard surfaces such as pavements, site drainage systems, and roofs.

    How to install a stormwater detention system?

    In the first place, you need to seek the permission from the council before you install a stormwater detention system. Once you reach out to a reputed contractor, the professionals will do the needful. Often, the lack of knowledge prevents households or business owners to install these systems appropriately. Eventually, it leads to delays in getting the stormwater detention system installed.

    The installing company can also guide you regarding the capacity of these systems. Depending on your demographics, rainfall, and the frequency of precipitation, the experts will recommend you the right system.

    A professional handling ensures that the installation takes place in the proper way. Reach out to one of the reputed OSD installers in Bowral to get these systems integrated at an affordable cost.