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A Good Retaining Wall Design Matters

If you have a sloping block of land, then retaining walls are a great method to create level areas that can perfect for entertaining or to create a more functional and safe area. With land prices being so high, it makes sense to utilise all of your land, and This is a sure-fire way to increase the value of your property.

There are many types of retaining walls with each having a different strength, construction method and style. Buildaroo experience and knowledge have enabled us to select some of the best products on the market as part of our product range. Upon accessing your property, we can recommend the most suitable retaining wall based on your site and budget; we are so confident in our recommendations that we back them by a ten-year Structural guaranty. t&c apply

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Retaining Walls Southern Highlands

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Importance of Correct Retaining Wall Design & Construction

When it comes to building your retaining walls, correct design and construction is crucial for its stability, performance, and longevity. These walls retain earth that keeps moving. The lateral pressure caused by the soil and groundwater can make the following potential impact on the walls:

We at Buildaroo are the trusted retaining wall builders in Southern Highlands. We take the time to carefully and skilfully design and construct your retaining wall to deliver a high-performance and longer-lasting result. 

Critical Factors That Affect Retaining Walls in Southern Highlands

When we design your retaining walls, we consider the following critical factors. These factors have a huge impact on the design and construction of your walls:

1. Drainage

Retaining walls can fail if there is no proper drainage. When water gets absorbed by the soil behind the wall and has no room to move, it causes build-up of pressure behind the wall. When the water keeps building up, the pressure overwhelms the wall’s resistance and causes bulge or collapse. You will have to worry about remaining wall failures whenever there is heavy rainfall.

We can install drain pipes and use granular rock for the base and backfilling. This will allow the water to get drained and the pressure is released.

2. Foundation

The foundation is one of the most important parts of any retaining wall construction project. How the footing and foundation system is built affects the wall’s resistance to the lateral forces. We specialise in designing and building high-resistance foundations that also prevent excessive settling or sinking.

3. Reinforcement

We may also use steel reinforcement bars and similar techniques to tie your wall to the foundation. The factors that affect the type of reinforcements include:

Why Hire Us?

At Buildaroo, our design team will work with you to match your retaining walls design with your home and landscape. We work with both new and old yards to create the perfect outdoor space. We build the walls for the following purposes and spaces:

We also specialise in building retaining walls to improve accessibility for the elderly.

Our experience and expertise allows us to determine the perfect style for your walls so that it matches your yard. The choice of the material and colours will be based on this evaluation. We work on different types of retaining walls in Southern Highlands and its suburbs. The choice of materials includes and goes beyond brick, stone, and timber.

We Are Southern Highlands's Most Trusted and Competent Builder

Once you have received the construction certificate for your development Buildaroo as a licenced Builder can take charge of the whole OSD tank construction process, including the following.

  • Organising and providing set out a direction to your surveyor
  • Booking your structural engineer for inspections as required
  • Booking your certifier for inspections as required
  • Carrying out excavation works
  • Levelling and grading the land
  • Removing excavated soil from the site
  • Installing steel reinforcement
  • Concreting
  • Building the wall
  • Waterproofing if required
  • Installing agg line
  • Backfill
  • Remove rubbish from site

Buildaroo can also advise if you need approval from the council for the proposed retaining. If so, we can include the engineering cost as part of our quote; we work closely with structural engineers to ensure that the designs are the most cost-effective for your site.

As builders, we provide our clients with the following.

  • Guarantee every job for 10 Years (t&c apply)
  • Homeowners warranty for jobs over $20,000
  • $20,000,000 public liability insurance
  • Project manage and execute retaining wall construction
  • We provide a fast construction time frame
  • Peace of mind with over 15years industry experience