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A Good OSD Tank Design Matters

OSD tanks are required by most councils in Sydney when constructing a new home or subdividing the purpose of OSD tanks is to provide stormwater storage capacity in your property so that in the event of a storm the rainwater is stored in the OSD tank then released slowly into the council stormwater system after the storm has past to avoid flooding of downstream areas.

OSD tank requirements and sizing are set by your local council with the location largely dependent on the slope of the property and the location of the lowest discharge point to the councils stormwater infrastructure, a registered stormwater design engineer will design the OSD tank to conform to all councils requirements and the natural restraints of your property. Once the stormwater design is complete, a registered structural engineer will specify the structural requirement of the OSD tank.

OSD Tanks Southern Highlands

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Why Must We Detain Stormwater?

Storms and heavy downpours can cause the build-up of large volumes of stormwater. This increases flood risk in urban areas. The increase in residential densities and expansion of commercial and industrial buildings also increase pressure on the underground drainage system. Since it is not feasible to increase the capacity of the existing drainage system, the ideal solution is to design and build the right detention tank

How We Help You Detain Stormwater

We can design and construct a custom detention tank when your property is being designed and developed. When it comes to new houses, on-site detention facilities are needed to be designed as part of the home drainage system. The stored water is gradually drained from a small opening. Our systems help reduce flood peak and minimise flood damage.

Underground Stormwater Detention Tanks

We design and build underground OSD tanks that feature high load-bearing capacity and flexible design. This allows our clients to use valuable land space and detain water on site while meeting the local council requirements. Our unique drainage systems are used to detain excess stormwater by storing the water. A slower discharge is allowed into the stormwater pipes, channel systems, and the surrounding grounds.

On site detention tanks are typically mandatory for new and renovated developments and constructions. The system helps detain stormwater from your site to ensure the development areas are safely controlled. We help you comply with the specific stormwater detention regulations laid out by your council for residential and commercial projects.

How Do Detention Tanks Work?

A stormwater underground OSD tank is different from a rainwater tank in that it features a valve for the slow release of water. When choosing these systems, there are two main options:

If you think that water storage in a rainwater tank may help reduce stormwater, you are mistaken. Heavy downpour can quickly fill up rainwater tanks. A well-designed and properly installed detention tank will maintain space for more water as it keeps emptying at a slow pace. The gradual release of water into drains supports the local area with manageable loads. This helps prevent flooding.

Why Choose Us?

We offer the following advantages for your underground OSD tank design and construction projects:

At Buildaroo, our water detention solutions are modular systems that provide scalable tank volume. We design and construct these systems for both residential and commercial projects of all sizes and scales.

We design and build OSD tanks for the following applications:

We further recommend planning and designing your property to become more sensitive to stormwater runoff. This can include combining professional design with natural solutions. For more information on designing the perfect underground OSD tank, feel free to contact us for a professional evaluation.

We Are Southern Highlands's Most Trusted and Competent Builder

Once you have received the construction certificate for your development Buildaroo as a licenced Builder and Plumber can take charge of the whole OSD tank construction process, including the following.

  • Organising and providing set out a direction to your surveyor
  • Booking your structural engineer for inspections as required
  • Booking your certifier for inspections as required
  • Carrying out excavation works required
  • Removing excavated soil from the site
  • Installing steel reinforcement
  • Concreting the base and lid
  • Constructing and Core filling blockwork or Dincel walls
  • Formwork OSD tank Lid and sump pit
  • Installing grates, orifice plates, trash screens and step irons
  • Providing connection points for your plumber
  • Waterproofing if required
  • Backfill around OSD tank
  • Remove rubbish from site

If you are still in the design stage Buildaroo can recommend engineers or liaise with your current engineer to ensure the design is the most cost-effective for your site. If a Rainwater tank is also required for your new home then we also can access the feasibility and benefits of incorporating a rainwater tank into the OSD design.

As builders, we provide our clients with the following.

  • Guarantee every job for 10 Years (t&c apply)
  • Homeowners warranty for jobs over $20,000
  • $20,000,000 public liability insurance
  • Project manage and execute OSD tank Installations
  • We provide a fast construction time frame
  • Peace of mind with over 15years industry experience
  • Provide an ongoing maintenance program