OSD Tanks and Retaining Walls Greenwich

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We specialise in building on site detention (OSD) tanks in the suburbs surrounding Sydney. All our OSD tanks are made on a custom basis to meet your unique requirements. The function of OSD tanks is to control the flow of stormwater from your roof to the local stormwater system. We also build retaining walls to address both functional and aesthetic requirements of your property.

OSD Tanks Greenwich

Your building’s roof surface will capture large volumes of rainwater. If it is allowed to flow freely, it can overwhelm your local stormwater drainage system. This is where our custom OSD tanks Greenwich provide a solution. We create tanks that detain the overflowing water and develop controlled release to prevent the system from getting overwhelmed.

Depending on your building’s size, your council may require the installation of these systems. Our experienced and qualified team has years of experience in designing and building on-site detention tanks Greenwich for all building types and sizes. We will take your hydraulic drawings and build a stormwater management system that meets all the requirements laid down in the engineer’s design.

The key components of the system can include:

We may also combine your OSD tank with the rainwater reuse tank for cost efficiency. We will deliver your tank in our specially designed delivery trucks. The system is delivered on your property ready to be connected. Our clear installation drawings further ensure proper installation. 

Part of our time and cost-saving efforts include delivering all the components including the tank and pits on site along with the following:

We will also ensure the site is excavated to the levels meeting the drawing requirements.

Need for OSD Tanks Greenwich

Storm and heavy rainfall can cause a large volume of polluted stormwater build-up. The new developments in Sydney’s suburbs have further increased the risk of flood. Our OSD tanks Greenwich offset the flow and relieve the pressure on the stormwater infrastructure. 

You should consider choosing our services for the following reasons:

We build the optimal and most efficient detention tank Greenwich for your property. It is designed to control the peak discharge rates during high volume events. This helps match the downstream systems’ capacity and prevents overflow.

We provide a wide range of solutions for your on-site detention system needs. We design and develop our OSD tanks Greenwich using the highest Australian standards. Australian-designed and manufactured, all our systems have a long service life and exceptional strength against traditional systems.

Some of the main features of our on-site detention systems are as follows:

The demand for OSD tanks Greenwich continues to grow in knock-down or rebuild construction projects where the roof surface area of new structures exceed that of the existing structure. Our rainwater tanks are the ideal solution for detaining water. They are much more cost-effective than costly underground structures that require large stormwater pipes and in-situ/precast detention pits. The detained water can be reused and reclaimed for irrigation and internal fixture purposes.

Retaining Walls Greenwich

There is more to retaining walls than their beautiful design and charm. We design elegant retaining walls Greenwich that also serve as essential protective features. These structures also have an important role to play in controlling stormwater.

We design and build custom retaining walls in Greenwich to address the unique drainage problems on your property. The main benefits of well-designed walls are as follows:

Excellent Run-Off Solution

Rainwater runoff has the potential to cause damage to your land. Installing retaining walls Greenwich can help shield your property. It works by reducing the flow and speed of the water before it reaches your land. This helps prevent formation of a flood and protects your beautiful landscape design.

Reduced Landscape Maintenance

Rainwater runoff can cause serious erosion on your property. This can create pieces of rocks and soil that slam against your property. Installing retaining walls helps protect your landscape from the potential damage. This further helps reduces maintenance requirements.

Whether it is meet the local building requirements or to protect your property, you should consider installing on-site detention systems and retaining walls in Greenwich. We at Buildaroo provide our OSD tanks design and build services throughout Sydney and its suburbs. If you need more information, feel free reach out to us.